Andrew Kay Womrath


Andrew Kay Womrath (American, 1869-1939) was known for his commercial prints and posters that became exceedingly popular in France. 

Womrath was born in Philadelphia in 1869. He moved to Europe and lived in London and Paris to study art. The artist worked under Urushibara Mokuchu, a Japanese-French printmaker. Womrath worked mostly in advertising while living in Europe. He made drawings, woodblocks, and watercolors advertising products and lifestyles for posters and illustrations that littered the streets of Paris. In 1896, Womrath's drawings were exhibited in the Champs de Mars Salon. The only known poster of Womrath's is an advertisement for a January 1897 exhibition of the Salon des Cent in Paris. The poster depicts a woman and a man analyzing a vase. Some of Womrath's woodcuts are held in the British Museum in London.