Death NYC


Death NYC (nationality and date unknown) is a street artist from New York. The artist grew up in New York and has spent her lifetime exploring the diverse cultures and experiences of the busy city streets. At the beginning of her artistic career, she painted walls and floors for popular shops in SoHo and Chelsea, but soon after took her artistic expression to the streets.

The artist chose the pseudonym Death NYC that is an acronym for “Don’t Easily Abandon The Hope.” She chooses to remain anonymous, which in her defense allows her the freedom to truly express herself. Her anonymity also keeps her true identity separate from critical scrutiny, which provides a complete focus of her work. Death NYC’s work primarily deals with issues of the media and society. She often ridicules mainstream media and culture by altering popular images and displaying them in heavily occupied areas of New York City. Her emblematic figures include Marilyn Monroe, President Obama, President Mao of China, and Kate Moss. She is also known for appropriating popular cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, Snoopy, and the characters of Yoshimoto Nara. Death NYC uses silkscreen and stencil techniques to create the images. She also produces smaller works on paper that are sold by the artist herself or disseminated in popular galleries around the world. Death NYC continues to work today and keeps art enthusiasts searching for her work on the streets of New York.