Francis De Erdely


Francis de Erdely (Hungarian and American, 1904–1959) was born in Budapest, Hungary. He studied drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, Real Academie de Bellas Artes in Madrid, and the prestigious Sorbonne and Ecolé du Louvre in Paris. De Erdely moved to the U.S. in in 1939. He lived in New York and Chicago before settling down in Los Angeles.

De Erdely made a living by painting portraits of wealthy patrons. However, his personal work delves into issues on war, human strength and suffering, and the lives of immigrants and social outcasts. Over time, the artist developed his own style and mark different form the classical techniques he learned in school. As a result, De Erdely stands out as a unique, renowned, and sought after artist of the twentieth century.

Francis De Erdely's work can be found in major collections and museums worldwide.