Luis Quintanilla


Luis Quintanilla (Spanish, 1893–1978) is a well-known muralist and draftsman who was born in Santander, Spain. He moved to Madrid to study architecture and met fellow artist and notable Cubist, Juan Gris. Quintanilla was a member of the Socialist Party during the Spanish Civil War and imprisoned for revolting against the Spanish government. American writers Ernst Hemingway and John Dos Passos petitioned for Quintanilla's release and organized exhibitions of his war drawings at the Barcelona Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Museum of Modern Art in New York. Quintanilla was eventually released but sentenced to exile. The artist did not return to Spain until Franco's death - three years before his own death. However, Quintanilla lived in Paris most of his life and was friends with Modgliani, Vlaminck, and Maetzu. Quintanilla is known for his unique figurative and surreal style and depictions of the Spanish Civil War.