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Our visit to the Estate of Werner Drewes

by: Saul F. Waranch

When Chris Koller informed me that he was in contact with Karen of the Werner Drewes Estate, and we had to travel to Washington to discuss Koller Waranch Gallery’s representation of the Estate of Werner Drewes, I was on board immediately. Most of my reasons were professional and some were personal. Koller Waranch Gallery is invested in several prints by Drewes, maybe we could add to our collection. Chris and I both love his work, maybe we would discover some hidden gems. It would be fun to travel together and see the remaining estate. One of my sons, Daniel lives in DC; this would be a great opportunity to combine work and pleasure.

Bauhaus to Founding Father of American Abstraction

by: Caroline Moore

The Bauhaus centennial of 2019 marks the opening of the cultural powerhouse in Weimar, Germany, founded by architect Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus advocated for the integration of the fine art, architecture, and industrial crafts traditions of Western society as a means to reimagine the world through a unity of the arts and modern industry. The Bauhaus manifesto established a collective unification of artistic philosophy and denounced the isolation of the contemporary artist. Their embrace of the collective limited the scope of individual recognition. The centennial offers us an opportunity to re-examine each artist’s contribution to the pivotal artistic, philosophical, and cultural milieu that was the Bauhaus. One of those artists is Werner Drewes. The artist’s remarkable career encapsulates decades of devotion to 20th-century Bauhaus, modern, and abstract art aesthetics.